Deputy Prime Minister, caretaker Minister of National Defense, and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Zeina Akar, on Monday welcomed the US and French Ambassadors to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea and Anne Grillo, with discussions touching on the situation in Lebanon and the outcome of their visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A statement distributed by Minister Akar’s press office said that Ambassadors Shea and Grillo briefed Akar on the outcome of their meetings with Saudi officials, and presented the strategy adopted in Lebanon in terms of receiving and distributing aid in a fair manner.

Minister Akar stressed that “all the aid that will reach Lebanon from the donor countries will pass through the proper channels, and must be fully registered and announced in terms of distribution to all the Lebanese, especially the most underprivilged, through a special platform open to donor countries, the international community, those concerned, and all the Lebanese, in implementation of the principle of transparency and distribution fairness.”

Source: National News Agency