Ammar al-Hakim meets the people of Taza in Kirkuk and praises their sacrifices

The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, met with a group of people, dignitaries and intellectuals of the city of Taza in Kirkuk.

In a statement, Al-Hakim praised the sacrifices of the people of the city, and called for pride in its history, which goes beyond its geographical area.

He recalled the role of the supreme religious authority and its fatwa, which turned the equation and liberated the land when clansmen from everywhere responded to that fatwa and came to support their country and their religion, calling for adhering to this approach and introducing generations to the sacrifices that were made so that they know that the current state of stability would not have been without the blood of the martyrs. I bled to fight dictatorship, confront terrorism and build Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency