The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri received tonight at the “Center House” a delegation of the French Senate led by the president of the “Group of Liaison, Reflection, Vigilance and Solidarity with the Christians of the Middle East” Senator Bruno Retailleau, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Lebanon Bruno Foucher.

At the end of the meeting, Senator Retailleau said:

“We were very honored, along with my parliamentary colleagues, to be received by Prime Minister Saad Hariri. You know that France has followed with particular attention his visit to Riyadh. You also know, and the Lebanese people know, the investment that France, with its president Emmanuel Macron, made to normalize the relations between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Lebanon is an old friend of France. We have a sustainable relationship. For us, Lebanon is not only a relationship, a heritage and a past, it is above all a future. We believe that Lebanon is a message and that peaceful coexistence between several communities is an example for the entire Middle East.

This is what we came to say to Mr Hariri, with several important events coming. The Rome conference to be held in Italy, where countries will have to make decisions to comfort your security forces, both your army and the internal security forces, and this is important for Lebanon. Then there will be another conference for Lebanon that was suggested by the president of the council himself to Emmanuel Macron. It will be in Paris and will be called the Cedar Conference, a beautiful name for a beautiful country. It will have to determine the investment to revive the economy because it is important. We also know that Lebanon and the Lebanese welcomed more than one million refugees who weigh on your economy. There is no example in the world of a country with this proportion of refugees for its population. The stronger Lebanon’s economy, the better the population will live with peaceful relations between its communities.

We are very grateful to the President of the Council for having received us tonight and we send greetings from France to the Lebanese people”.

Source: National News Agency