The rainy weather that hit Lebanon over the weekend, left roads and houses flooded with water, and added more snow to the country’s mountain peaks.

Beirut witnessed heavy rains that caused large pools of water in some areas. Some roads were closed, due to flooding. In the mountains, a dense fog hindered visibility for drivers.

According to report, the Red Cross staff, overnight, evacuated and assisted several Syrian refugee families, in Akkar, whose camps were flooded with water.

It added that, 43 families from one of the camps in Akkar’s al-Samounieh were evacuated to another camp.

It said, around 330 blankets were distributed to seven camps in Akkar Valley, adding that, as many as 160 families required assistance.

In north Lebanon’s Koura, heavy rains caused damage to farmland, ground floors and warehouses. Flooding also impacted residents and Syrian refugees in the Bekaa.

On Sunday, Bekaa Governor, Kamal Abou Jaoudeh, gave order for 21 Syrian refugee families to be evacuated, due to flooding in Taanayel.

The morning weather bulletin, released by the Meteorological Department, at Rafik Hariri International Airport, said that, forecast will see snowfall in areas at an altitude of 1,300 metres, until the afternoon.

Source: NAM News Network