Jaber to Radio Lebanon: Fee on generators provides 100 billion pounds to the treasury

“Development and Liberation” Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Yassin Jaber, disclosed Saturday that his proposed fee on generators comes in wake of the absence of any charges imposed on this sector similar to other sectors, despite all its achieved profits.

Jaber told “Radio Lebanon” that he is currently working on a draft article to be proposed in this context, adding that he has consulted with experts from the Ministry of Finance to improve the content of said article, while coordinating with other parliamentary blocs that have unanimously agreed to support his proposal. He also indicated that the House Speaker, Prime Minister and Finance Minister have all responded positively to his proposal, to be included as a budget item.

Jaber went on to explain that his Bloc did not vote for the austerity budget because it is ideal, noting that it will be up to the government and Finance Ministry to ensure proper collection of dues and achieving the figures aspired for by implementing said budget.

The MP also emphasized the need to firmly address the customs and illegal border crossings dossier, highlighting the importance of customs control through legitimate crossings.

He called for “taking other reform steps to complete the austerity budget, especially in the electricity sector, customs control, marine property breaches, settlement of building violations and others, with the need to secure proper collection of state dues.”

“The main problem is the issue of liquidity and weak revenues,” Jaber added, considering that “confidence cannot be restored through chaos and closing the gaps that the country suffers.”

As for the cabinet sessions, Jaber urged the government to hold more than one weekly session to improve its image and gain the trust of citizens, while expressing his regret that “many laws are not applied.”

Source: National News Agency