The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde has appointed Lebanese Rand Ghayyad an economic adviser to the Latin American region.

Ghayyad is to officially take up his duties on March 1.

Ghayyad shall join a large team of financial and economic experts in Washington to help the Fund effectively contribute to the most important hour issues facing Latin America.

Ghayyad is currently in the city of Boston, where he assumes the post of a lecturer and professor at Harvard University and an economic advisor at the internationally recognized advisory company “Brattle Group”.

Ghayyad is originally from the town of Shabaa in the South of Lebanon and a holder of a doctorate degree in economics from “Northeastern University” in Boston.

Ghayyad’s name is highly acclaimed amongst the top US economists who worked for former President Barack Obama’s team.

Ghayyad’s studies focused on means of resolving the unemployment crisis and his researches topped headings in the most important American and European newspapers.

Ghayyad has previously served as an economic advisor to many financial and government institutions including the Federal Reserve, the White House, and the Brookings Institution of Economics.

Source: National News Agency