French President Emmanuel Macaron said at the ministerial meeting of the International Support Group for Lebanon that “external forces should not interfere in the affairs of Lebanon and the policy of self-dissociation must be fully applied.”

“Lebanon’s stability is important for the entire region and it is essential that it [Lebanon] respects the principle of Lebanese armed groups’ non-intervention in crises,” he said.

“Lebanon has gone through a period of confusion. However, Hariri has regained his post as Prime Minister and he has made this decision with the support of President Aoun,” Macron said.

He considered that “the political transition in Syria will allow the return of displaced person,” hailing “the Lebanese Army for what it achieved did in the summer of 2017 of victory over Daesh,” calling on “the international community to stand by Lebanon.”

“The Lebanese army is key for the peace and security of Lebanon,” the French President added.

“Lebanon has the full support of the international community, and it must implement a policy of full self-dissociation. The needs are great in Lebanon and the currently available support is insufficient. France intends to strengthen this support, along with Germany and the Lebanese authorities, so as to implement the project of solidifying infrastructure in Lebanon through the World Bank.”

Macron stressed that “Lebanon is not only a friend of France, but a country with different balances in the region, and a model of multilateralism. It thus carries an international message of peace and tolerance.”

He also thanked the United States “for the assistance it provides to the Lebanese Army.

“Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are among the principles that must be respected by all. Lebanon must work to restore the institutions and launch a reform process,” he said. “There is a security challenge in southern Lebanon, and measures ought to be taken there, while respecting the 1701 Resolution.”

Source: National News Agency