State Minister for Planning Affairs, Michel Pharoun, said on Tuesday that the signature of the oil and gas agreement had restored hope in Lebanon; however, the Minister highlighted the importance of well-managing this dossier due to its critical nature.

In a statement issued today, the Minister also stressed the importance of having Lebanon cling to its dissociation policy to ensure stability in the future.

“It is a strategic necessity to maintain the current status quo, especially in the shadow of Syrian developments and regional repercussions,” the Minister’s statement said.

He warned of the effect of regional or internal repercussions on the forthcoming elections, adding that resorting to the street would be the most dangerous thing that could happen at this stage.

On a different level, the Minister stressed that Satterfield’s tour in Lebanon was not linked to the electoral deadline, but was rather more in support of political and security stability in Lebanon, as well as the oil files associated with Israel.

The Minister’s statement went on to reveal his constant efforts to form a harmonious electoral list that takes into account national constants through dialogue.

“I’ve been in a long friendship and coordination with Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Despite the fact that I’m an independent minister, I am in close coordination with the Lebanese Forces and trying to connect with the political forces on the ground,” the Minister said, revealing plans to run for elections with the Lebanese Forces, the Future Movement, and other political allies including MP Nadim Gemayel.

Source: National News Agency