The Kataeb Party launched on Sunday its 2018 electoral campaign in wide a meeting with partisans and supporters held at “Legend” in “Naher El-Kalb” under the slogan, “The Pulse of Change”.

Addressing the attendees, Kataeb Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, said the Party’s electoral plan aims to boost stability in the country, noting that its program includes 131 practical steps.

“The future of Lebanon is in your hands…and the decision is yours to make the right choice…for you are capable of changing all expectations. We are fighting a battle against all the state systems that are exploited in electoral campaigns,” Gemayel emphasized.

“In our program, we have not given up on controversial options. We are not afraid of controversy or debate. We will never tolerate renouncing the total sovereignty and neutrality of Lebanon, and for us the neutrality of Lebanon is the path to stability, not the surrender to arms and transgressions at the expense of our country and its stability,” underlined the Kataeb Chief.

“We have not given up on the laws of optional civil marriage and the right of women to give nationality to their children,” he added, noting that these proposed laws remain slogans in the country in the absence of efforts to ensure their approval.

“We have proven for many years that we are able to keep our promises,” Gemayel asserted.

Calling on voters to trust the Kataeb Party’s candidates in implementing their electoral program, the MP explained that the next elections would be an uprising of public opinion against wrong-doings and dependency, and against any politician who considers himself above the law.

“We will fight this battle alongside all those who resemble us…for it is the battle of the future of Lebanon…and we are armed with the truth. I promise you that we will fight the battle till the end, and we will reap victory,” Gemayel concluded.

Source: National News Agency