Aoun meets UN Deputy Special Coordinator: Lebanon is the ultimate winner from yesterday’s cabinet statementc

“The statement issued by the Cabinet yesterday is not a victory for a team or a loss for another, because the ultimate winner here is Lebanon, which succeeded, through the unity of its sons, their solidarity and their rallying around constitutional institutions, to maintain the country’s stability, security and peace,” President Michel Aoun said during his meeting at the Baabda Palace with UN deputy special coordinator for Lebanon, Philippe Lazzarini.

“The page of the recent crisis in Lebanon has been folded and the government’s work will be reorganized to complete what has been started in the last few months,” said Aoun, shedding light on the need to pursue the preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Lebanon looks forward to the upcoming meeting of the international support group in Paris on Friday; a meeting that should represent an occasion to renew the world’s confidence in it [Lebanon], its attention to its issues, and swift responsiveness to its needs and positions,” President Aoun told Lazzarini, thanking the UN Secretary-General for his constant attention to the country.

Aoun stressed that “through dialogue between the Lebanese on various issues of concern, especially the defense strategy, we can achieve common grounds that promote stability and fortify unity.”

In turn, Lazzarini conveyed the greetings of the UN Secretary-General to the President of the Republic, and stressed his “interest in what is happening in Lebanon.”

He briefed Aoun on “the deliberations at the UN Security Council on the Lebanese situation,” adding that “Lebanon has many friends in the world, always standing by its side.”

“The recent political and security stability is a subject of support from all the members of the Security Council, especially since this stability is based on consensus among the Lebanese,” Lazzarini said.

“Members of the Security Council and UN officials have welcomed Lebanon’s decision to increase military units in the south. They consider that to be a step in the right direction,” he added, praising “the wise management by President Aoun to the recent political crisis,” stressing that “Lebanon can always rely on the support of the United Nations.”

“The Secretary-General has appointed Yarnel Dahler Cardel as the successor to Ms. Sigrid Kaag, and she will arrive in Beirut in the next few days,” he told Aoun.

Source: National News Agency