Iraq’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Bandar Al-Amri, called Sunday on all displaced Iraqis, including Christians, to return voluntarily to their country since their regions were now secure.

In an interview with Radio Lebanon this morning, the Iraqi diplomat said that his Embassy, in cooperation with the Lebanese authorities, has managed to ensure the repatriation of a large number of displaced Iraqis and to settle their legal status in Lebanon.

However, he noted that the number of displaced Iraqis in Lebanon is not fixed, and hence cannot be determined.

Al-Amri stated that the war in Iraq officially ended when Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi announced that his country has crushed terrorism.

On the visit of President Michel Aoun to Baghdad, Al-Amri said, “It has had a great impact on the development of bilateral relations. We were very pleased with President Aoun’s presence in Baghdad.”

Commenting on Lebanese companies’ contribution to Iraq’s reconstruction, Al-Amri said, “We are very proud of their participation, and they are among the first companies to invest in Iraq. We hope for their permanent presence because of the great similarity we share…They know the working conditions in Iraq and the culture of the Iraqis very well, which greatly serves to ensure the work’s success.”

“Iraqis love the Lebanese presence and therefore, Lebanese companies are very welcome and have a fundamental work position in Iraq,” Al-Amri concluded.

Source: National News Agency