Lebanon’s Nabo Chekka Museum Opens Its Exhibition Of Impact Paintings

BEIRUT, Lebanon, The Nabo Museum, in the region of Chekka-Al-Heri, opened Sunday, its Illustrations with an Impact Exhibition, an anthology of Lebanese art, including the works of pioneers and modernists.

The opening ceremony was attended by MP Roger Azar, representing the President of the Republic, alongside Deputies Enaya Ezzeddine, Georges Atallah and Jean Ogassapian, as well as, former Minister, Bchara Merhej and former Deputy, Fadi Karam, and several other officials.

The Nabo exhibition opened on Sept 22, 2018, and includes paintings and relics from Mesopotamia and the Levant, and this exhibition includes drawings by Lebanese artists, said Mr. Jawad Adra, a Lebanese prominent businessman and co-founder of the Museum.

He added, In line with the objectives of the Nabo Institute, this exhibition seeks to crystallise new concepts on the region’s artistic practices, by learning from the past and encouraging creative minds in the future.

It is to note that the exhibition runs until Sept 12, 2019, opening its doors to the public between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm, displaying more than 250 paintings from the works of around 33 artists.

Source: NAM News Network