National Defense Minister Yacoub Riad Al-Sarraf, on Monday partook in a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A number of western political figures took part in said panel discussion.

Minister Sarraf stressed the importance of finding solutions to all conflicts and causes of the Middle East, first of all resolving the central question of Palestine.

Sarraf stressed that Al-Quds was and will always remain “the capital of four billion people,” highlighting the suffering of the Palestinian refugees for 70 years and the tragic humanitarian situation they endure.

The Minister also brought to attention Israel’s daily violations of the Lebanese sovereignty, reaching 157 violations per month.

Asked about Netanyahu’s threat of staging war on Lebanon, Sarraf stressed that Lebanon does not have any intention of attacking anyone, yet in return, he added, Lebanon is ready to defend itself and will not accept any form of aggression against it.

He expressed deep confidence in the ability of the Lebanese army to protect Lebanon’s land and borders, saying: “we are strong and capable to protect our country and we shall not give up on any iota of oil in our sea.”

He also underlined that any attempt to tamper with the Lebanese oil resources shall fail.

On the other hand, Sarraf participated in a second panel discussion at the invitation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), where humanitarian issues of international concern were addressed.

The humanitarian crisis endured by the Syrian refugees in host communities, especially Lebanon, was also taken up.

Source: National News Agency