Hariri attends part of RiyadiBeirut basketball game in Dubai, meets with Future Movement delegation in UAE

Prime Minister Saad Hariri surprised the participants in the 30th Dubai International Basketball Championship taking place at Al-Ahli Youth Club in Dubai by attending part of the final match between the Riyadi and Beirut basketball teams this evening.

On his arrival, Hariri was welcomed by the President of the Arab Basketball Federation, Major General Ismail Kerkawi, the game’s supervisors and the sports sector coordinator in the Future Movement, Hussam Zbib, amidst a warm applause and greetings from the audience. Hariri responded by greeting the audience and wishing the players all the luck and success for the Lebanese basketball game in general.

Earlier today, Hariri met with a Future Movement delegation in the United Arab Emirates, led by the Movement’s Coordinator in Dubai Ahmad Sabra, in the presence of Lebanon’s Ambassador to the UAE Fouad Dandan. Hariri shed light on the situation in Lebanon, expressing optimism after the formation of the new government.

“I hope that the next phase will be the working stage to improve the country for the better,” Hariri underscored.

Source: National News Agency