Minister Safadi launches strategy to combat violence against women, says empowering them economically helps engage them in society

Minister of State for Social and Economic Rehabilitation of Youth and Women, Violette Khairallah Al-Safadi, on Friday launched at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ain Al-Mreiseh, the “National Strategy to Combat Violence against Women, organized by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, the United Nations Population Fund in Lebanon (UNFPA), and the participation of representatives of ministries, government institutions, embassies and civil society organizations.

“The message of the Ministry of State for Social and Economic Rehabilitation of Youth and Women affirms support to achieving sustainable development goals through the socio-economic empowerment of the less advantaged groups, such as youth and women, to help develop their choices towards a more productive life and improve their living conditions and the society in general, Minister Khairallah Safadi said.

“The absence of women’s financial autonomy is a main reason that contributes to the cycle of violence and reduces their role in society. (…) It is an obstacle that impairs women’s engagement in society and hinders their ability to play an active role in it, the Minister explained.

The empowerment of socially and economically disadvantaged women is a cornerstone in helping them to regain their normal lives, engage in society, and help them make the right decisions to manage their lives, she added.

Khairallah Al-Safadi also stressed the importance of the development of short and long term viable plans that serve the economic empowerment of women, so that they feel more influential wherever they existed.

Source: National News Agency