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China urges Australia to shelve differences, focus on economic opportunities

KUALA LUMPUR, Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Saturday called on Australia to set aside differences and focus on economic opportunities instead after Beijing had lifted trade sanctions on main Australian exports.

Li made the remark as he arrived in Australia for an official visit.

“History has proven that respecting each other, seeking common ground while shelving differences, and carrying out mutually beneficial cooperation are valuable experience in the development of China-Australia relations, and need to be upheld and carried forward,” he said.

Li added that a more mature, stable and fruitful China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership would be a shared asset for both peoples, noting that China is willing to work with Australia to that end.

The Chinese government has recently scarped sanctions on Australian wine, timber, barley and beef imports, which were imposed in 2020 following a diplomatic row.

This is the second leg of Li’s three-nation tour following his official visit to New Zealand.

urce: Kuwait News Agency

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