Culture Minister announces Jerash Festival’s activities

Minister of Culture, Head of the Higher Committee of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, Haifa Najjar, Monday announced the activities of the 37th session of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, which will run from July 26 until August 5. In a press conference attended by committee members, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Makram Qaisi, and Minister of Youth Mohammad Nabulsi, Najjar stressed the importance of the Jerash Festival as “a venue for Arab and international creativity”. “It is a title for joy as it reflects the Jordanian civilization in art and cultural performances, and its respect of the heritage and cultures of peoples gathered on the land of Jerash”, she said. Najjar said the festival, held under the royal patronage, is a continuation ofJordanian celebrations of national occasions, and underlines the importance of the exchange between Jordanian culture and those of Arab and foreign countries, whose bands and folklore troupes are hosted by the Kingdom. She noted that Egypt will be a guest of honor at the festival this year in recognition of performances over the years in the festival. For his part, executive director of the festival Ayman Samawi said it is directed to the Jordanian family as it seeks to accommodate all tastes and promote national values. “Jerash is distinguished in its cultural, artistic, intellectual and folkloric programs, compared to other local and Arab festivals, and most of the concerts are free, except performances by top Arab singers, where tickets are sold at a nominal price of just 20 dinars, as the festival is non-profit and aims to satisfy the different members of the family,” he said. Jerash Mayor Ahmad Atoum commended the participatory spirit by the municipality and the local community, and the achievement and cooperation between all concerned parties for the success of the annual event. Head of the Jordanian Artists Association, Mohammad Abbadi spoke of “the great impact of the Jerash Festival on the Jordanian and Arab art landscape”, adding that the festival has been a “big window” for Jordanian artists to appear “in one of the largest art forums on the Arab and international levels”. The festival kicks off Wednesday evening, July 26, at the Northern Theater with the official opening ceremony, titled “River of Gold”, a multi-media lyrical art work that highlights the ancient city of Jerash as a cradle of civilizations. Key performers at the festival include singers from Jordan and the Arab world, namely Omar Abdallat, Najwa Karam, Ragheb Alama, George Wassouf, Saber Al-Ribai, Wael Kfoury, Diana Karazon, Hani Shaker, among others.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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