Dismantling a smuggling network and arresting 77 foreigners coming from Erbil to Baghdad illegally

The Popular Mobilization Authority Forces announced on Sunday the dismantling of a smuggling network and the arrest of 77 people coming from Erbil to Baghdad illegally.

The Authority said in a statement, “In a successful qualitative operation, the detachments of the General Directorate of Information in Baghdad, affiliated with the Intelligence and Information Assistant of the Popular Mobilization Forces, were able to dismantle a network specialized in smuggling operations while trying to smuggle dozens of foreign people from Erbil Governorate to the capital, Baghdad.”

It added that this was based on accurate intelligence information, as the directorate’s detachments were able to arrest 77 people, including 74 foreigners from the countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were smuggled from Erbil Governorate to Baghdad using an Actros trailer loaded with bags of cement for camouflage.

He continued, “A network of (3) Iraqi people who were supervising smuggling and facilitating their passage, riding a Hilux pickup truck, was also dismantled by preparing an elaborate ambush for them at one of the entrances to Baghdad, arresting them, and taking the necessary legal measures against them so that they receive their just punishment.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency