Rahi conveys message to Syrian Refugees

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Rahi, conveyed a message to the Syrian Refugees during Palm Sunday Mass in Birki, saying: “Material issues can be returned, but the identity can’t be restored.”

Rahi called on world leaders and the international community “to put an end to wars and work on the return of refugees to their homelands, in order to preserve their culture, civilization and history.”

The Prelate also stressed that Lebanon could no longer bear the consequences of the Syrian displacement at all levels.

“In spite of our complete humanitarian solidarity with refugees, Lebanon can no longer bear the consequences of the displaced,” he added.

Finally, he urged countries’ rulers to “stop wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine, and to find political solutions to conflicts on the basis of justice and equity, as well as consolidating a comprehensive and lasting peace.”

Source: National News Agency