Hasbani says Lebanon is in need of effective institutions, infrastructure and economic atmosphere

Deputy Prime Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, deemed Sunday that Lebanon is in need of effective institutions, good infrastructure and a suitable economic ambience at this stage.

“What we lack in Lebanon first of all are the effective institutions in terms of transparency and administration and combating corruption, and secondly the infrastructure of sewage, electricity and tele-communications, and thirdly the general appropriate economic atmosphere,” said Hasbani in an interview to “Voice of Lebanon” Radio Station.

He considered that “the current situation does not facilitate investments, although the labor market in Lebanon is encouraging in terms of the enormous human potential.”

On the other hand, Hasbani pointed out “Lebanon is characterized by its global educational level,” adding, “Our world health classification is advanced and surpasses the rank of the United States.” He noted that even in terms of innovation, Lebanon is one of the most advanced countries but the problem lies in the preservation of intellectual property rights.

Hasbani hoped that there would be a sense of conscientiousness among all the Lebanese and that they would focus on protecting their homeland against all vices, pollution and destruction. “We must work in this essence to build citizens and preserve the land from the environmental and geographical perspective,” he corroborated.

Source: National News Agency