Kanaan after bloc meeting: We must work as one government team for safe return of displaced persons

The strong Lebanon bloc held its periodic meeting this Tuesday under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, with talks touching on an array of local issues.

In the wake of the meeting, the bloc’s secretary-general, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said “there should be no conflict of goals. We must all work together on the file of the displaced. The goal is the safe return of the displaced Syrians to their country, and efforts must be integrated. The government must be working as one team for this end. All problems are insignificant compared to this national strategic goal which benefits the country at the political, economic, demographic and security levels.”

“As a bloc and a Free Patriotic Movement, we carried the flag of the return of displaced people since day one. (…) We warn that dealing with this file cannot involve rivalry and side issues,” he said, noting that “the bloc appeals to all parties and government and parliamentary components to rise to the level of this great challenge that we all shoulder as Lebanese.”

“Financial, economic, social and environmental issues ought to be top priority,” he asserted, stressing that the government should work hand-in-hand with the parliament in terms of public finances, employment and respect of the laws. The basic rule which must govern our performance in institutions is respect of the laws in force, and not subjecting constitutional institutions and laws to our own interests. When we stop subjecting the State to the interests of sects, confessions and parties, the State achieves reform and change,” Kanaan said on behalf of the bloc.

Source: National News Agency