African Continental Council Chairman in a letter to Diab: We propose an evacuation plan from Africa without charging the state any cost

The Chair of the African Continental Council at the Lebanese World Cultural League, Consul Hassan Yahfoufi, has stressed the Council’s readiness “to assist the government in evacuating the Lebanese who wish to return from Africa during these health conditions resulting from the Corona virus, while the situation is still under control and the number of infected is minimal among the Lebanese, amidst the fear that the disease will spread.”

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Sunday, Yahfoufi outlined an integrated plan for the return of expatriates who wish to leave the African continent, provided that all those who will return pay the travel expenses, stressing that “further waiting may lead to complicating matters.”

He explained that some expatriates were able to obtain two offers to purchase PCR tests from two labs in South Korea and China, and they promised to secure them in just two days. Therefore, every Lebanese expatriate community will purchase its needs from these tests at its own expense, and will also purchase part of these tests for the African countries in an affirmed social solidarity and moral commitment with the citizens of these countries.

Yahfoufi also indicated that some communities have conducted a comprehensive survey of those wishing to return and can provide the Lebanese state with a list of names before sending the planes for evacuation, after ensuring that the PCR tests have been secured and provided that there are equipped medical teams on board the aircraft. Furthermore, the test results must be negative before boarding the plane, while those who test positive will remain aside until they are later evacuated in a safer manner, after pledging to abide by all the procedures required by the Ministry of Health upon their arrival in Lebanon, in terms of quarantine and additional medical exams, etc.

Meanwhile, Yahfoufi commended PM Diab and the government’s efforts in this regard, stressing “the full readiness to cooperate with all state agencies and institutions according to what the government deems appropriate in these circumstances.”

Source: National News Agency

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