NNA – The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri contacted today the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, and congratulated him on the “Human Fraternity Document” he signed with His Holiness Pope Francis during the Pope’s historic visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Premier Hariri said that the leadership of the United Arab Emirates has written a bright page in history by organizing the visit and the humanitarian fraternity meeting, and expressed his admiration for the embrace of the Emirati people of the visit and the meeting.

During the phone call, Hariri praised the speech delivered by Dr. Al-Tayeb, his noble and constructive words, and his call to the Christians of the Arab region to consider themselves as part of this East and to refrain from considering themselves minorities.

Hariri commended the Pope’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, and considered it an expression of the inexorable convergence of the two religions in any country or region, and of the importance of coexistence in today’s world.

During the conversation, Premier Hariri and the Grand Imam agreed that Lebanon was and is still known in the East as the living example of coexistence, moderation and respect of beliefs.

Hariri hoped that these values would prevail in the future of this region and humanity in general, through the efforts of all loyal people.

Source: National News Agency