Jarrah meets IOM Lebanon Head of Office, Miss Lebanon

Information Minister, Jamal Al Jarrah, on Tuesday welcomed in his office at the Ministry Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy.

On emerging, Minister Jarrah expressed delight to welcome Miss Lebanon at the Ministry, saying: “Apart from her beauty, Miss Lebanon is distinguished by her sense of patriotism and keenness on the advancement and progress of the country.”

He said Miss Lebanon is currently working on a vital and important project, wishing to implement it in coordination with the Tourism Ministry and others, to convey a beautiful image of Lebanon as a country abundant with potentials for progress and prosperity.

“This constitutes a p factor for all Arab and European tourists to visit Lebanon again, especially in summer season,” Jarrah maintained.

The Minister stressed the paramount importance of shedding light on the beautiful things in Lebanon, such as Lebanon’s youthful human resources.

“We will work together to strengthen the spirit of national belonging especially we are about to inaugurate the summer tourist season, as well as to celebrate the centenary of Greater Lebanon in 2020,” he said.

On the other hand, Minister Jarrah received the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Lebanon Head of Office, Fawzi Al Zioud, accompanied by the Organization’s Liaison Officer Rayan Deaybes.

On emerging, Al Zioud said they congratulated the Minister on his ministerial post.

Al Zioud said they discussed the mechanisms of cooperation and the priorities of the Ministry and how the UN agency can support the media and coordinate in common areas.

He also disclosed that an operational plan will be developed in coordination with the Minister on the Ministry’s needs.

Source: National News Agency