Nasrallah meets Zarif

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday received Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of Iran’s Ambassador Mohammad Jalal Firouznia.

Talks reportedly touched on most recent political developments in Lebanon and the broad region, as per a statement by Hizbollah Media Relations Bureau.

Minister Zarif underlined his country’s fixed position by the side of Lebanon, state, people and resistance, and Iran’s readiness to provide all forms of assistance and cooperation in the various proposed dossiers.”

Sayyid Nasrallah, for his part, thanked the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran for all what it has provided to Lebanon, Palestine, resistance movements and the peoples of the region in the face of the Zionist aggression and takfiri terrorism.

Nasrallah hailed such support, saying it has greatly helped to score victories in several battlefields.

The Secretary General also hoped continual Iranian support to Lebanon despite all the conspiracies and pressures it is subject to.

Source: National News Agency