Truck Containing Around $12 Million Narcotic Pills Detained By Lebanon’s Security Forces

BEIRUT, Lebanon, In an issued communique by the Internal Security Forces on Saturday, it indicated that a truck carrying at least $12 million worth of Captagon pills was intercepted today, while attempting to smuggle the narcotics into an Arab state by land.

The communique indicated that the Central Drug Control Office, at the Judicial Police Unit, received information from the Saudi Anti-Drug Liaison Office, of the attempted drug smuggling operation, within the framework of the joint security cooperation between the two anti-narcotics agencies in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Following coordination between said Office and the Regional Drug Control Office in the Bekaa, investigations led to the location of the truck, which was placed under constant surveillance, in preparation for arresting the truck driver.

Investigations are currently underway into the incident, while efforts continue to arrest the entire gang members.

Source: NAM News Network