Water and Energy Minister Ceasar Abi Khalil inaugurated Sunday, in the presence of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, a sewage treatment project governed by the municipalities of Chekka and Anfeh in northern Lebanon.

Minister Abi Khalil outlined the steps of the project financed by the Embassy of France and the French Development Agency, highlighting the importance of work and achievements versus remaining idle and wasting time and opportunities.

According to his remarks, the Free Patriotic Movement will never alter its methods and will pursue its efforts in the realization of projects that serve the Lebanese, noting that the project inaugurated today is part of a series of several other plans for the Batroun Caza.

In turn, Minister Bassil indicated that the inaugurated project is proof of the implementation of several promises made to citizens of the region.

In this context, Bassil thanked the French State and the Council for Development and Construction, which has provided a model for cooperation between state institutions.

He said the villages in the Chekka neighborhood would benefit from the project related to water resources and electricity.

Source: National News Agency