Lebanese Forces Chief Samir Geagea and Acting U.S. Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield met Friday in Maarab for nearly an hour and a half, during which they discussed the disputed maritime and land territories between Lebanon and Israel.

“It is essential that the cabinet takes a serious look at the solutions proposed by the American Envoy, in order to reach an agreement that would safeguard our rights and open new horizons for the future,” Geagea pointed out after meeting Satterfield.

The LF Chief deemed that Lebanese parties should work to preserve the rights of Lebanon, whether on its soil or in its water, without giving the opportunity to a foreign party to take advantage of the controversial areas with Israel and use it in cases that have nothing to do with Lebanon.

Geagea also noted that the U.S. Envoy proposed some solutions to the disputed issue during his talks with President Michel Aoun, Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

Source: National News Agency