Jabak meets Iraqi counterpart: To bolster cooperation, support Iraq’s health sector

Iraqi Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Alwan, initiated his visit to Lebanon by meeting with Minister of Public Health, Dr. Jamil Jabak, discussing with him an array of topics on the agenda of the meeting, especially the means to implement the memorandum of understanding signed during the latter’s visit to Iraq last July.

The meeting was attended by Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Al-Amiri, and ranking dignitaries.

Following the meeting, the two ministers held a press conference during which Minister Jabak welcomed Alwan and the accompanying delegation, pointing out that the two sides are in the process of implementing the initial agreement signed in Baghdad to achieve cooperation between Lebanon and Iraq Lebanon.

“We will put all our capabilities at the service of supporting Iraq, the brotherly country, in terms of training cadres and personnel in the management of hospitals and nursing staff.”

Al-Alwan, in turn, expressed his happiness to visit Lebanon, pointing out that “the discussion centered on a serious and intensive implementation of what was agreed upon during the very important visit of Minister Jameel Jubak to Baghdad, which contributed to strengthening cooperation and joint action between Lebanon and Iraq.”

Alwan expressed his gratitude for the initiatives taken by Minister Jabak to ensure that Iraqi patients are treated equally to Lebanese patients.

“Iraq is facing a major challenge in rebuilding its health system due to the conditions it has been through for three decades,” he said. “So we are interested in coordinating at a high level to train Iraqi staff and exchange visits,” he stressed.

Source: National News Agency