JCC head highlights Jordan’s economic achievements since independence

Chairman of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Khalil Haj Tawfiq, said the Kingdom’s commercial and service sector made “remarkable” achievements since independence. In a statement to “Petra,” on Wednesday, on the occasion of Independence Day, he said gross domestic product (GDP) rose to about JD33.691 billion to 2022. Haj Tawfiq also said national economy overcame challenges and made “great” leaps in growth and development fields, as the number of companies and commercial and service institutions have so far exceeded 120,000. Based on various data, he noted the Kingdom’s total commercial activity developed over the past decades, as per capita GDP increased to JD2937 in 2021, compared to JD1278 in 2001, while exports jumped from about JD4 million in 1960 to JD8.081 billion in 2022. Meanwhile, he said the Kingdom’s imports rose from approximately JD43 million in 1960 to JD19.376 billion during 2022. To date, he noted number of companies registered at Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply increased 4,389 to 5,075 in 2019. Contribution of Jordan’s trade and service sectors to the gross domestic product now stands at 70% and employ the “highest” number of Jordanian workers, whose tally exceeded more 500, 000 Jordanians, according to Haj Tawfiq. Haj Tawfiq, who also heads Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC), said Jordan’s economy provides multiple priviliges to attract “qualitative” investments in various fields. He referred to the Kingdom’s security and stability and the “positive” measures taken to develop the economic situation, of which was endorsement of Investment Environment Law with “good” incentives.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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