President of the republic, Michel Aoun, renewed Lebanon’s commitment to the implementation of the Security Council’s resolution 1701, despite the continuous Israeli violations of the Lebanese sovereignty, during his meeting with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Pernille Dahler Kardel, at Baabda palace on Monday.

“Lebanon holds onto the UN resolutions and insists on their implementation, namely resolution 1701, while Israel is still persistent in its attacks on Lebanon,” Aoun said to his guest.

“Up to this day, more than 11 000 breaches of the resolution have been registered,” he added.

“Lebanon has always been in a position of self-defense in the face of Israel, in compliance with the UN Charter,” he underlined, deploring the enemy’s current construction of a wall to separate the eastern and the western sectors along the Blue Line.

Moreover, Aoun said that “Jerusalem has a particular international status according to the UN resolutions, while Israel seeks to declare it as its capital, in addition to the increasing settlements’ building on the Palestinian soil.”

“The US is not entitled to axe the UN resolutions unilaterally,” he stressed.

On a different note, Aoun explained to his guest Lebanon’s position from the Syrian refugees’ issue, highlighting the necessity to guarantee their safe return to Syria.

Source: National News Agency