President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, arrived in Beirut on Wednesday winding up a two-day official visit to Kuwait.

Prior to departing Kuwait, Aoun held a closed meeting with Kuwaiti Prince Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Aoun seized the occasion to thank the Kuwaiti Prince for his bounteous support for Lebanon. “The relationship between Lebanon and Kuwait is a brotherly bond rooted in history and based on mutual love and loyalty,” Aoun said.

The Lebanese President also briefed the Prince on the outcome of his meetings with Kuwaiti officials, especially with the Prime Minister, the House Speaker, and heads of Kuwaiti funds currently financing development projects in Lebanon. Aoun also thanked the Prince for “the instructions he had given to activate cooperation between the Lebanese and the Kuwaitis.”

In return, the Kuwaiti Prince relayed to Aoun “the special Place” that the Kuwaiti people hold for Lebanon and the Lebanese.

“Lebanon has a special place in our hearts and the Kuwaitis feel that they are in their second homeland when in Lebanon,” he said.

Talks between the pair also touched on a number of other issues, most importantly the Arab summit that will be held in Riyadh next spring and the anticipated summit due to be held in Beirut in 2019.

The Lebanese President and the Kuwaiti Prince expressed hope that the upcoming summit in Riyadh would be a summit that reflects Arab solidarity in the difficult circumstances that the Arab countries endure. They also hoped that Riyadh Summit would culminate in a successful summit in Beirut dedicated to Arab reconciliation.

Moreover, Aoun briefed the Prince on the stages and achievements of Lebanese political life since he had been elected President of the Republic.

The pair discussed as well the regional situation, the situation in Palestine, and a number of issues of mutual interest for both countries.

President Aoun later thanked the Prince of Kuwait for “the care he gives to the Lebanese residing and working in Kuwait, who feel that they are in their second homeland and among their families and loved ones.”

Source: National News Agency