Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian, on Friday said in a statement that setting fire to the streets and neighborhoods of Tripoli, especially the Sharia Court, the Serail, and the city’s municipality, was an irresponsible, unacceptable, and condemned act by all standards.

“It is an attempt to draw the people of the city into the grips of strife as some sides have been planning.”

The Mufti went on to deem Tripoli’s ill-fated incidents a dangerous security and disruptive message par excellence.

“Tripoli’s residents are known for their unifying Islamic and national role, their high moral and Islamic values, as well as their eagerness to coexist,” Derain said.

He ruled out the possibility of having the genuine people of Tripoli burn their own city; thus, he accused some “evil, criminal hands of being behind Tripoli’s vandalism in an attempt to tamper with the city’s security and civil peace by taking advantage of the people’s livelihood needs and the increasing unemployment of their children.”

The Mufti finally dismissed failure to form a rescue government, whose mission is to rescue the nation from a comprehensive collapse “an outright abandonment of responsibility.”

Source: National News Agency