The Press office of Caretaker Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, has issued the following statement:


“Prime Minister Hassan Diab made a series of contacts to follow up on the forensic audit file at the BdL; he also sent a letter to the Minister of Finance to request the BdL to act in accordance with the opinion of the Legislation and Consultation Authority, in order for Alvarez to embark on its work, based on the contract signed between the company and the Lebanese state, and which stipulates that the BdL shall deliver to the company the documents and information it requests to launch the forensic audit, since the BdL has only delivered 42% of the requested files to the company, citing the Banking Secrecy Law.


The Legislation and Consultation Authority has defined the concept of banking secrecy, and the mission of the forensic audit firm, appointed by the Lebanese government to carry out the forensic audit of the BdL’s accounts and activities, is consistent with the provisions of the Banking Secrecy Law and the Monetary and Credit Law; thus, the Legislation and Consultation Authority’s opinion has explicitly stated that, based on the Cabinet’s decision to conduct the forensic audit and to assign the Minister of Finance to sign the contract with Alvarez company, the concerned parties must directly implement the Cabinet’s decision by enabling Alvarez company to carry out its mission; they must also submit the required documents to the company, while concealing customers’ names when needed and replacing them with numbers in order to preserve banking secrecy, bearing in mind that state accounts are not subject to banking secrecy.


Any reform that does not start with forensic audit of the BdL is a sham reform to cover the continuation of the approach that led to the current financial collapse.


Today, the BdL is required to deliver the required documentation and information to the financial audit firm, in order to proceed with the audit so that financial facts are uncovered and causes of collapse are revealed.


Any attempt to obstruct the forensic audit constitutes a shared responsibility for the suffering of the Lebanese people on the financial, economic and living levels.


I warn against trying to overthrow the forensic audit to prevent the Lebanese from knowing the truth about the reasons behind the disappearance of their deposits, the causes of the financial collapse, and the deliberate manipulation of the national currency.


At this critical juncture, we have the choice between embracing a real reform agenda and fighting corruption, or continuing on the path that brought the country to the bottom of the abyss.


Source: National News Agency


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