Prime Minister Saad Hariri said “all that we are doing aims to stabilize the country on the political and security levels as well as modernize the laws so they meet the requirements of developing the business environment, and so we provide more employment opportunities for young men and women and enhance the national economy”.

In his speech at the opening of the ArabNet conference at the Habtoor Hotel today, Hariri said: “Whoever comes here becomes filled with more hope for this country, especially thanks to the work you are doing.

One of the technologies is cloning. I wish we could clone four or five people from Omar Christides (founder and CEO of ArabNet) and distribute them throughout Lebanon and the country will be fine. Let us also clone three people from Riad Salame (Central Bank governor).

If we had artificial intelligence in Lebanon, the first thing we could do is prevent corruption, so our country becomes really advanced. But the problem is that politicians will disagree on whether this artificial intelligence is Sunni, Maronite or Orthodox.

I would like to congratulate you on your work. We are proud of what you are doing as Lebanese despite all the difficulties and challenges we face and the problems that surround us in the region. And sometimes, we as politicians disappoint our people because of our differences, but we must be united and agree on an agenda that serves young men and women in this country. You are indeed the beacon of Lebanon, and you are the ones who can lift Lebanon out of this distress we are living in.

When Rafic Hariri came and thought about developing the country, he was also a young man and he thought about the young people like him, so he managed to build the country. He was seeking to help his generation so the country could rise. You the young men and women in this room, constitute the basis for the country and can be a platform that allows all young men and women with ideas, creativity, and progressive thinking to give hope to the country.

I really want to thank ArabNet for all that it has done, and I tell the young people, that I count on all of you. You are the future of this country, we think the same way, we need some stability. All I do aims to stabilize the country on the political and security levels, as well as modernize the laws from the 1950s and 1960s. Today the whole world is changing, and so is the way to do trade, so we must not fear change, it is good for the people.

You must impose this change and compel us as politicians to develop this country. We are at the service of this country.”

Source: National News Agency