Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, highlighted on Friday Lebanon’s need for “a real defensive strategy.”

“Supporting the army is a basic strategic plan, as the army plays a key role in establishing a real Lebanese state,” Riachy added in an interview with colleague Rola Kassab in “Kalam Beirut” talk show on “Future TV”.

Riachy also underlined the important role of the Lebanese President in limiting war and peace decisions to the Lebanese state alone; however, he ruled out the possibility of having Iran approve of rendering Hezbollah’s arms in the hands of the state.

“Within the next 72 hours, the electoral alliance between the Lebanese Forces and the Future Movement will be determined,” Riachy said.

He also called for protecting the judicial body, saying that the protection of the judiciary is tantamount to the protection of peace in Lebanon.

On another level, the Minister pointed to a faltering military determination in Syria.

“The change in the US leadership is major and significant; it will change the course of developments in Syria,” Riachy said.

Touching on public media dossiers, the Minister said that he had referred to Prime Minister Saad Hariri a letter calling for the privatization of Tele Liban and Radio Lebanon’s Arabic channels.

“Privatization is the best solution to open the door before intellectual and artistic elites and to involve the private sector in the public sector and to place it among international media institutions,” Riachy concluded.

Source: National news Agency