The Lebanese Kataeb Party on Wednesday congratulated the Lebanese on the New Year, pledging to continue its national struggle to restore the State’s sovereignty and free decision and counter the authority’s indulgence in power-sharing quotas, squandering and corruption.

“The state with its own legitimate powers, solely, has the exclusive right to defend Lebanon,” Kataeb stressed in a statement issued in the wake of its regular meeting, chaired by Party leader MP Sami Gemayel.

The Party underlined that such a right is absolutely not endowed to any other state, party or group, rejecting any position coming out by whichever foreign side.

On the other hand, Kaateb utterly rejected tampering with media liberties in Lebanon, voicing full solidarity with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) and TV host Marcel Ghanem.

“Kataeb shall follow up on the path of the case in preservation of public liberties and the dignity of free mediamen,” statement read.

The Phalange Party said that these practices come within the framework of the electoral campaign of the political class, with the aim of domesticating the free media and suppressing freedom of opinion and expression.

Source: National News Agency