‘Loyalty to Resistance’ after bloc meeting deplores foreign intervention in Lebanon’s internal affairs

“Loyalty to Resistance” bloc on Thursday held its periodic meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik, under the chairmanship of bloc head, MP Mohammed Raad, to discuss most recent developments.

The bloc congratulated the Lebanese, in general, and Muslims, in particular, on the advent of the holy Adha Eid, wishing them blessings and wellbeing.

In a statement issued in the wake of the meeting, the bloc emphasized that polemics and debate amongst the various political components were “unproductive” in addressing and solving problems.

The bloc condemned foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Lebanon, “whatever the source.”

Such interventions do not serve the national interest,” bloc maintained.

“Loyalty to the Resistance” also stressed the need for cooperation among all parties to find solutions to the current crises and to achieve the general interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

On the other hand, the bloc urged officials and concerned ministers to accord priority to the health sector, in general, and hospitals, in particular, through securing the necessary financial resources to enhance the effectiveness of this sector.

Source: National News Agency