Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Thursday stepped up calls for vigilance handling the escalating rhetoric and street movement, especially with the Israeli enemy’s attempt to seize the opportunity and threaten Lebanon’s right to invest in its own oil wealth.

“Israel’s claim of ownership of block 9 of the Lebanese territorial waters is a serious indication of an additional Israeli threat against Lebanon, which coincides with continued violations of Lebanese sovereignty by sea, air and land, Mikati said, mentioning as well Israel’s attempt to construct a separation wall along the Blue line.

We highly value the rapid and official action of the Lebanese Government responding to these Israeli allegations and threats through official positions and the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the United Nations, thereby preserving Lebanon’s present and future rights, Mikati added.

“Concurrently, we call upon the Government of Lebanon to request a meeting with the Security Council to discuss the Israeli threats and to take a firm stance that forces Israel to recognize Lebanon’s rights.

Source: National News Agency