The Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kijian held a celebration at the Casino Du Liban on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Tourism, Avedis Guidanian, Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury, represented by Issa Zeidan, President of Lebanese Economic Bodies, former Minister Adnan Kassar, Director General of the Ministry of Information, Hassan Falha, and a score of ambassadors, political and cultural figures, embassy staff and members of the Chinese community in Lebanon.

The ceremony began with the Lebanese and Chinese anthems after which Kijian delivered a speech in which he pointed out that “in recent years, with the growing cultural exchange between China and the world, foreign friends have become increasingly interested in Chinese culture. More foreign friends are taking part in the celebration of Chinese holidays. In Lebanon, there seems to be a growing desire to learn about the Chinese culture and learn to speak the language. (…) The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon has held the Spring Festival in recent years in an effort to define the Chinese culture in Lebanon and the world, increase understanding of Chinese culture and deepen the friendship between the Chinese people and peoples of the world.”

Minister Guidanian, in turn, conveyed the Lebanese people’s congratulations to the Chinese people on the occasion of New Year, expressing “gratitude for all the relations and investments of the Republic of China in Lebanon.”

He called for “the development of tourism relations between the two countries,” hoping Lebanon would, one day, become a destination for Chinese tourists.”

“With this new era, I hope that the Lebanese-Chinese relations will be developed and strengthened at all levels. I hope that, through the special relationship between the Ministry and the Chinese Embassy, this small country, known as the Pearl of the East, will become a destination and one of the most important countries for Chinese investors,” the minister said.

Source: National News Agency