NNA – President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, held developmental and diplomatic meetings, today at Baabda Palace.

President Michel Aoun met Displaced Minister, Mrs. Ghada Shreim, and was briefed on the framework of the project which the Ministry began implementing in terms of data collection of Lebanese towns, by launching the form “Town” through the impact platform of the Central Inspection Unit.

This form aims to establish a comprehensive and unified electronic data bank, which could be a project to establish a Ministry for Planning and Development, in the near future.

Statement of Minister Shreim:

“I was honored to meet His Excellency the President. I briefed the President on the files of the Ministry of the Displaced, especially after it was announced in a previous press conference that the ministry, apart from the fund, and after it was able to mechanize all its files, such as restoration and reconstruction, still has 6,400 existing files.

Despite all the people appeals, the communications and the announcement through the media, mayors and municipalities, we were unable to transfer more than 140 files to the fund, for many reasons. The ministry has become a ministry from the past whose page must be folded, and unfortunately there is a divergence of papers and people do not care about the sums that are they will get, especially with its low value, and therefore, I insist that this ministry turn into an interest in order to facilitate the affairs of the citizens and start working in another way, in terms of planning and development. I also briefed President Aoun about this issue, and he expressed his keenness to achieve it.

The Ministry of the Displaced has also prepared the so-called “Town” form through its work in the Ministerial Committee for Rural Development. This form includes all sectors: industry, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, demography, and education. It was placed on the impact platform of the central inspection, and sent to 1297 municipalities. 88% of these municipalities, which filled out the questionnaire, responded, but they still need to be analyzed. We hope the rest of the municipalities will respond to this project.

The importance of the questionnaire lies in the fact that it constitutes data for the first time in Lebanese history and is comprehensive, unified and electronic. It may also constitute a building block for the Ministry of Planning which we need in Lebanon, or for the Ministry of Rural and Local Development. This project is the nucleus of data, which is supposed to be updated in a regular way. It is permanent and therefore opens the way to future planning, and most importantly, given the difficult economic conditions that Lebanon passes through, any donor would be able to use it as facts about these towns and their needs.

In addition, there will be a user name and password at the disposal of all ministries in the Ministerial Committee to benefit from the information contained in this data. I wish all mayors to fill out the form electronically, and in case the government is formed, God willing, this data will be officially in the central inspection. Through this project, we will have followed the right line in terms of planning and clarity towards everyone who wants to help people in small industries, agriculture, domestic tourism and reserves, and with everything that the Lebanese people think about to get out of the current economic crisis since no one can offer his help in the right place, in the absence of references. Most of the time the help goes to the wrong place due to a lack of clarity of vision. By that, we will turn the page on the past of the displaced and turn the page to the future in terms of data, development and planning.

His Excellency the President is the main sponsor of this project, because when we talk about numbers and data, we are talking about science and the foundations of the modern state. It is unfortunate in the year 2021 that we are still talking about this issue, while it was more appropriate today to update this data and not create it. There are numerous data in Lebanon, but there is no official, comprehensive, and unified data unit for all sectors that concerns all ministries”.

Armenian Ambassador:

The President received Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon, Vahagn Atabekian, who conveyed him an official invitation to attend the memory of the “Armenian Genocide”, which will be held by Armenia on the 24th of April.

The memorial will include a series of activities on the occasion.

For his part, President Aoun thanked the Armenian Ambassador and informed him that he had assigned Youth and Sports Minister, Mrs. Vartinee Ohanian, to attend and represent him in the ceremony.

Congratulatory Cable:

The President received additional Ramadan congratulatory telegrams, most notably from his Algerian counterpart, Abdel Majid Tebboune. — Presidency Press Office



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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