NNA – President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the role played by the Arab Republic of  Egypt, led by President, Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, in helping confront the various crises which Lebanon suffers from, especially the governmental crisis. The President hoped that these efforts will yield positive results, “Especially if there is real will to get out of the crisis through adopting constitutional and charter rules on which the Lebanese system is based, and in cooperation with all Lebanese parties, without exclusion or discrimination”.

The positions of President Aoun came while meeting the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, today at the Presidential Palace.

Minister Shoukry conveyed a message from President Al-Sisi, confirming Egyptian solidarity and support for all efforts to form a new government.

President Aoun had explained the accuracy of tasks which will put on the shoulders of the new government, especially in the necessary reforms which the Lebanese and international community will call for and work to achieve, foremost of which is the forensic audit to hold accountable all who stole the money of the Lebanese and the state.

In addition, the President stated all obstacles which faced the path of forming the government, and conveyed his greetings to President Al-Sisi, thanking him on his initiative “Which is based on Egypt’s standing at an equal distance from all the Lebanese, as it has always been throughout history”.

Statement of Minister Shoukry:

“I had the honor to visit the President of the Republic, and convey to him solidarity from his brother, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. President Al-Sisi assigned me to come to Lebanon in light of his keenness to continue exerting all efforts within the framework of communicating with all Lebanese political components, in order to exit the current crisis.

My last visit to Lebanon was eight months ago, after the Beirut Port explosion, and there was regional and international support. I looked forward to Lebanon rising to deal with challenges, whether political challenges or challenges related to Corona virus and the impacts on the interest of the brotherly Lebanese people. Unfortunately, after eight months, there is still a political stalemate. Efforts are still being made to form a government of specialists who are capable of meeting the needs of the brotherly Lebanese and achieving stability, not only for Lebanon but for the region and Egypt. This is due to the close connection on political and popular levels, between Lebanon and Egypt.

I will be holding a series of meetings with various Lebanese political components, to convey a similar message of Egyptian solidarity and providing it with all the needed support to get out of the crisis and form the government. This step opens the door for regional and international support, leading to achieving the common interest of regional countries, but firstly the Lebanese interest. Certainly, the political framework is governed by the constitution and Taif Accord, and the importance of full commitment to these main pillars of stability. Egypt will be sparing no effort to continue its support for Lebanon, during this delicate stage”.

Attendees on the Egyptian side: Egyptian Ambassador to Beirut, Dr. Yasser Alawi, Assistant Foreign Minister, Ambassador Nazih Al-Najari, Adviser in Minister Mohammed Atef’s Office and Advisor at the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut, Abdullah Zahdi.

Attendees on the Lebanese side: Foreign Affairs Minister, Charbel Wehbe, former Minister, Salim Jreisatti, Presidency Director General, Dr. Antoine Choucair, Advisors Mr. Rafic Chelala, Antoine Constantine and Osama Khashab.– Presidency Press Office


Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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