(Update 2) Nasrallah: We will respond to any Israeli attack

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, stressed that “the Lebanese thwarted Israel’s attempt to change the rules of engagement that have been in place since 2006,” praising the unified Lebanese position in rejecting the Israeli aggression on Lebanon through the drones over Beirut’s southern suburb.

He added: “Today we will set equations and strengthen the deterrent factor that protects our country. The legendary and invincible army has turned into a Hollywood army, afraid, cowardly and retreating beyond borders.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then, outlined the dates of the security belts that Israel has established since 1978, saying: “For the first time, the Israeli enemy is establishing a belt inside the borders in occupied Palestine, 5 to 7 kilometers deep.”

He stressed that Lebanon is committed to Resolution #1701 and that the Israelis are the ones attacking Lebanon.

“If the enemy attacks Lebanon, it is the legal and legitimate right of the Lebanese, as stated in the ministerial statement, to defend Lebanon, its sovereignty and dignity. So, away from the noise internally and the threats externally, I say and repeat, if Lebanon is attacked we will respond to this attack. No red lines in next war if hostility is staged on Lebanon,” Nasrallah told the crowd.

He called on the Lebanese to “trust in Lebanon’s capability and act from a strong position in any meeting with any US official in the dialogue on oil, gas, water and borders.”

At the economic level, Nasrallah described the situation in Lebanon as ‘not hopeless’, urging politicians to unite to face this crisis.

He also encouraged the government to “activate its work”, declaring that Hezbollah has started to study the Baabda economic paper.

“We, in Hezbollah, refuse to touch the lower/middle-income classes in the country or impose any new taxes,” he underscored.

Nasrallah stressed “the importance of recovering looted money from emperors who filled their pockets illegally.”

Finally, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General told those who bet on the Party’s exit from the Iranian axis with threats and sanctions,”Never to Humiliation!” in this axis, adding, “We’ve only seen victories; it is the hope of the oppressed people!”.

Source: National News Agency