Hariri from Dubai: The major challenge is fighting corruption

Prime Minister Saad Hariri highlighted the government’s intention to fight corruption, a statement by Hariri’s Press Office indicated on Sunday.

“The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri highlighted the government’s intention to fight corruption, adding that the most important challenges facing the government will be squander and corruption,” the statement indicated, noting that Hariri was replying to questions from a number of television stations in the UAE.

Question: Do you think there are external interventions to obstruct reforms in Lebanon?

Hariri: Foreign interventions have nothing to do with reforms. Our problem, as Lebanese, is that we use interventions as a pretext to block issues. What we agreed on as Lebanese political parties is that the regional disputes will continue. I will not be convinced of Hezbollah’s policy nor will Hezbollah be convinced of mine. So what should we do about that? Shall we block the country or put the regional differences aside and carry out reforms that benefit the Lebanese citizen?

In the past, there was a revival but no one reflected on its positive or negative points. When globalization happened, a large part of the world did not benefit from it. Today, the debate is about how to face this and other challenges.

Question: Is it possible to transfer the Emirati experience to Lebanon? Are there assurances for expatriates about Lebanon’s future?

Hariri: We should not only transfer this experience but we should also learn. The most important thing is to benefit each other. There are things we can learn from the UAE and vice versa. The government that will carry out this work is a government that enjoys a national consensus in Lebanon. Therefore, we must carry out the reforms. All my focus now is on implementing these reforms for the interest of the Lebanese economy, the investor, the Lebanese citizen, and the Lebanese youth.

Question: What are the most important challenges that will face the government?

Hariri: Fighting corruption and squander is one of the most important things we will face. Corruption is rampant in Lebanon and this is a fact we must face. We must also look at the mistakes and fix them. When we face corruption and squander, we create new employment opportunities for young men and women.” {PM Press Office}

Source: National News Agency