Answering a dual invitation by the State of Kuwait and the Global Coalition Against Daesh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil, partook in a ministerial meeting held at Bayan Palace in Kuwait, in the presence of Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Foreign Ministers of 44 of the 74 member-States within the Coalition, and a number of representatives of regional and international organizations.

Minister Bassil delivered a word in which he said:

“I come to you today from my small country, Lebanon, the first country in the region to defeat terrorism; a defeat based on three pillars:

First: A national Army, poor in equipment yet rich in determination, able to liberate the land with the help of a resistant people accustomed to defeating every aggressor. (…) An Army that has been improved owing to the assistance of some of your countries, now exhibiting a model of a patriotic army that deploys along the borders of his country so as to defend the sovereignty of its State and the security of your countries. This allows us to appeal to you to participate and assist in the Conference of Rome 2 on the 15th of March. This conference is dedicated to supporting our Army and our security forces, so that they can eliminate terrorism which, as soon as it sees the light in our countries, would infiltrate into yours.

Second: A diverse and moderate society that rejects unilateralism and extremism; the cradle of every human value and the annihilator of any Takfiri organization.

Third: A successful proactive public policy in dismantling and eradicating terrorist cells based on the integration within our country’s components and intensive cooperation between our services and yours.

Those three factors, however, would not have worked alone had Lebanon not been, since its existence (), the country of the message of diversity, coexistence, dialogue and tolerance.

Lebanon has fought for itself and is now fighting for you. It has paid for policies that made it the country to welcome the biggest number of displaced people in the history of mankind. It is known that mass exodus can only be accompanied by terrorism or violence.

(…) Terrorism will not end unless you open the way for the safe and dignified return of displaced people to their homeland.

Terrorism will continue to threaten us and menace your countries across the Mediterranean Sea unless you are convinced that integration is not valid when it is collective, only when a people adapts to the conditions of their new country and not to its integration into a country other than its own.

Terrorism will persist unless the displaced return to their countries.”

Source: National News Agency