The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri delivered a speech this afternoon during the ceremony organized at BIEL by the “Future Movement” on the occasion of the conclusion of the “building skills” training. He said:

“At the beginning, I want to remember with you my friend Nassir al-Asaad who established the “school of education” in the Future Movement after our first conference, and left fingerprints of loyalty and modesty.

May God have mercy on our friend and the friend of Rafic Hariri, Nassir al-Asaad.

This school is based on the Arab and national values and constants of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri; a school which depends on you, the cadres of the Future Movement who read, with me, in the book of Rafic Hariri, the book of achievements, hope and sacrifice for the sake of Lebanon.

You, the cadres of the Future Movement, who for the last 13 years have been writing with me new chapters in the book, with the ink of moderation and the insistence to continue the path of loyalty to Rafic Hariri. A school that wants to generate hope whatever the challenges and difficulties. A school that nothing can break, neither illegal weapons, nor assassinations or stabs of treason. And nothing can break it because it is the school of a solid and stable movement who gets its power comes from the people, who were and will remain, the basis for any step we take.

This movement proves day after day that it is still as we established it, a movement for the people, from the people and all over Lebanon.

You proved 13 years ago, 13 weeks ago, 13 days ago and every day that you are up to the mission, due to your patience, will and loyalty.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart because you are the sun of the Future Movement that never sets, and that shines after every storm under the blue sky that brings us together for better and worse.

Today, I am so proud that the cadres of the Future Movement, the young men and women, are acquiring skills in knowledge and dialogue, giving a great example that boosts confidence that we will remain the movement of moderation and the guarantor of Lebanon’s protection.

I want to talk a little bit about what happened last week. It was a lesson for everyone, that high tone does not lead to a solution but creates political tension. That the use of weapons to solve political disputes will only lead to discord. We saw that even those who carry weapons inside Lebanon are now afraid of it. A lesson that going to the street, closing roads and burning tires does not lead to any solution. You know that Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, and we after him, was the target of insults much worse than those you are hearing. But we always thought that the country’s dignity is more important than the dignity of people and parties, and that our country deserves concessions from our part and that we let the institutions, the law and the state be the judge. Otherwise, we will all slide towards chaos and the street will become the judge between the people.

Despite all that happened, I thank God that the voice of reason and wisdom prevailed yesterday over the voice of motorcycles, defusing a problem that could have taken the country to another place.

What we are seeing these days require from everyone to do like you, to work on building skills, respect dignities, never harm anyone, prevent mistakes, stay away from the game of the street and chaos, and prioritize Lebanon’s interest over any personal, partisan or electoral interest.

The Lebanese will not accept anymore that the fate of the country hangs on a word from here and a reaction from there. What they want, and we want, is to regain confidence in their state, security and stability and not to recall the memories of the damned black days.

Few days ago I said the Lebanon’s stability is more important than anything else. I am totally confident that all the political components will be up to the responsibility and that will be able together to return to the common national space, under the roof of Taef Accord and the principles of coexistence and civil peace.

Let us not miss the chance once again: The fruits of hard work are within reach, starting with the renewal of power through democratic elections, to the upcoming conferences to support the army and the security forces, and support investment and economy.

My colleagues in the Future Movement, everybody is waiting for us around the corner and they have nothing to do except the Future Movement. Let us remain focused and not get distracted by gossip especially during the season of elections, the season of dreams and ambition, the season of struggles and personal bickering.

Martyr Prime Minister used to say: “It is not important who stays or who leaves, the important thing is that the country remains.”

Today, on the occasion of the elections I want to add: It is not important who is a candidate and who is not, the important thing is that the Future Movement, thanks to you and to your efforts, important in the political equation.

There is a lot of work ahead of us all. Let us get ready for May 6, to celebrate together, on May 7, the new victory of Rafic Hariri and the school of Rafic Hariri and to continue together the path of Rafic Hariri.”

Source: National News Agency