Khalil announces issuance of 3400 housing bonds in Sidon’s Taamir, confirms Lebanon not bankrupt

In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, South Lebanon Governorate and Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development on Friday inaugurated a Public Budget and Finance Forum entitled Public Budget, Taamir and Old Sidon’s Real Estate, sponsored by Minister of Finance, Ali Hassan Khalil, at Rafic Hariri Hall in the governorate center in Sidon Serail.

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Qayomjian, Information Minister, Jamal Jarrah, MPs Bahia Hariri, Michel Moussa, and Ali Osseiran, as well as several high ranking personalities and concerned figures.

This initiative has been well welcomed and supported by Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, and their Excellencies the Ministers, and it is our honor today to hold this forum under the title Public Budget, Taamir and old Sidon Real Estate, MP Hariri said.

She considered that the forum would not have seen the light without the support of Bassil Fleihan Institute of Finance and Economy at the Ministry of Finance, and the assistance of South Lebanon Governor, Professor Mansour Daou.

Sidon looks forward to spreading this culture to all the Lebanese regions in order to engage all the Lebanese youth in the axioms of national action � on the basis of rights and duties. We must work hard to make a strong Lebanese state the sole goal of all the components of the Lebanese society, and for fusion in its rules and causes, especially after we have paid the ultimate price for its disintegration and the collapse of its national institutions, MP Hariri stated.

In turn, the forum’s sponsor, Minister Khalil, said: “I am glad that this occasion is not one based on theoretical dimensions only, as we witness today a live experience with actual and concrete results; results achieved through what has been done to organize, arrange, and legislate Sidon’s Taamir region. To this end, the following essential question poses itself: how is the state dealing with its accumulated issues and problems? Can we continue to leave real gaps in people’s lives and interests over decades?

“Those whose rights have been ignored for decades represent, according to what has been issued to us, 3,400 families in the Taamir area. This in itself is a condemnation of the government’s experience; it is a condemnation that requires us to take responsibility and admit our negligence, he added.

The minister also stated, I am pleased to announce the completion and issuance of all Taamir region bonds, about 3,400 bonds, which are in the name of the Public Corporation for Housing. The properties will be transferred to their members, exempted from all taxes and fees. All this process requires is a contribution from the state to enhance the stability of this large segment of Lebanese citizens.

He further highlighted that Lebanon was facing major challenges on the economic and financial levels; however, he insisted that Lebanon was not a bankrupt country.

We have the ability to overcome difficulties and get out of our crises regardless of our rating. Yet, this requires first and foremost, a high sense of responsibility by the government. It should launch serious reform workshops to complement the 2019 budget’s strong and clear decisions, which would serve the interests of the people and enhance their confidence in the state and its institutions, Minister Khalil concluded.

Source: National News Agency