Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah devoted a televised speech via al-Manar channel on Monday, to announce the party’s candidates to the upcoming legislative polls.

Nasrallah explained that the names to be announced today were strictly Hezbollah members, leaving the names of the friends the party would back to be revealed after the finalization of the electoral lists.

Moreover, Nasrallah indicated that Hezbollah had settled on the separation of the legislative and executive powers for the next parliamentary term. “During the coming four years, some brothers will assume parliamentary responsibilities while others will take up ministerial duties.”

Accordingly, he revealed that Mohammad Fneish would be a minister in the next Cabinet.

Furthermore, Nasrallah said that Hezbollah decided to grant new cadres the opportunity to run for the polls.

“The legislative elections are a political work and Hezbollah represents a lot of families; therefore, it selects a cadre that enjoys the competence for such representation,” he continued.

Also, Nasrallah expected a wave of defamation campaigns against the party’s candidates, calling people to keep wary.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to smear Hezbollah’s image and reputation,” he indicated.

“Israeli and Gulf electronic armies recruit people with money to level defamation campaign against Hezbollah,” he warned, highlighting trust in the party’s candidates.

In conclusion, Nasrallah announced the names of candidates in each district as follows:

-Bekaa III (Baalbeck-Hermel): Hussein Hajj Hassan, Ali Moqdad, Ibrahim Ali Moussawi, Ihab Arwa Hamada

-Bekaa I (Zahle): Anwar Hussein Jomaa

-Mount Lebanon III (Baabda): Ali Ammar

-Jbeil-Kesserwan: Hussein Mohammad Zeaiter

-Beirut II: Amin Sherri

-South III (Nabatiyeh-Bint Jbeil-Marjeioun-Hasbaya): Mohammad Raad, Hassan Fadlallah, Ali Fayyad

-South II (Tyre-Zahrani): Nawwaf Moussawi, Hussein Saeed Jashi.

Source: National News Agency