National Defense Minister Yacoub Al-Sarraf on Tuesday received at his ministerial office French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, with talks reportedly touching on the current situation in Lebanon and the broad region.

Ambassador Foucher conveyed to Minister Sarraf an invitation from his French counterpart Florence Barley to visit Paris on the 26th of this month “to discuss the arrangements related to the Rome 2 Conference in support of the army and security forces.”

The meeting also touched on the issue of Israel’s recurrent threats against Lebanon and its attempt to control Lebanon’s oil rights.

Sarraf pointed out Israel’s intent to build a concrete wall along the southern borders and its continual violations of Lebanese sovereignty.

The Defense Minister voiced unequivocal condemnation of these violations, reiterating Lebanon’s rejection of Israeli threats.

On the other hand, means of bolstering bilateral ties between Lebanon and France also featured high on Sarraf-Foucher talks.

Source: National News Agency