The Supreme Defense Council convened today, at the Presidential Palace at 2:30 pm, in a session chaired by President, General Michel Aoun. It was decided to submit a termination to the Cabinet to confront Corona threat, by general mobilization, provided for in Article 2 of the Legislative Decree No. 102/1983 (National Defense).

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, Finance Minister, Ghazi Wazni, National Defense Minister, Zeina Akar Adra, Foreign Affairs Minister, Nassif Hitti, Interior Minister, Mohammed Fahmy, Economy and Trade Minister, Raoul Nehme, Justice Minister, Mary-Claude Najm, Information Minister, Manal Abdel Samad, Public Health Minister, Hamad Hassan and Public Works Minister, Michel Najjar. Also attending were: Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, General Director of General Security, Major Abbas Ibrahim, General Director of Internal Security, Major General Imad Othman, General Director of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, Director of Army Intelligence, Brigadier General Antoine Mansour, ISF Information Branch Chief, Brigadier Khaled Hammoud, Assistant Director General of State Security, Brigadier Samir Sannan, Defense Ministry Adviser, Former Minister Naji Al-Bustani, Representative of the Prime Minister for Health Affairs at the National Committee to Combat Corona, Dr. Petra Khoury, General Director of the Presidency, Dr. Antoine Choucair, and the President’s Security and Military Adviser, Brigadier General Paul Matar.

After the meeting, Major General Al-Asmar read the following statement:

“At the invitation of His Excellency, President Michel Aoun, the Supreme Defense Council convened at 14:30, today Sunday March 15th, 2020, in the Presidential Palace, to follow latest developments and procedures to limit the spread of Corona. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister, and Ministers of: Finance, National Defense, Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Interior and Municipalities, Economy and Trade, Justice, Information, Public Works and Transportation, and Public Health.

The Army Commander, Director General of the Presidency of the Republic, Director General of General Security, Director General of ISF, Director General of State Security, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council, Security and Military Adviser of His Excellency the President, Director of Army Intelligence, Head of ISF Information Branch, Assistant Director General of State Security, and the Representative of the Prime Minister for Health Affairs at the National Committee to Combat Corona, also attended the meeting.

His Excellency, the President of the Republic, started the meeting by quickly discussing the measures which must be taken into account in the process of preventing Corona, where he considered that the situation has become a health emergency case which requires taking the measures stipulated in Article 2 of the Legislative Decree No. 102/1983 (National Defense), applied by general mobilization.

Then, the Prime Minister presented the measures to be taken and implemented, stressing that the status quo is now demanding more comprehensive steps. The Public Health Minister also tackled the situation in terms of hospitalization and healthcare, raising the necessity of following up this issue, in all its aspects.

Afterwards, chiefs of Security apparatuses presented the available information about Corona and the ways to deal with it.

After deliberating on this dangerous issue which has become a life obsession in all countries worldwide, and listening to what specialized Ministers presented regarding the stage reached by this epidemic in Lebanon. The Supreme Defense Council decided to raise a termination to the Cabinet, to confront this danger by general mobilization, stipulated in Article 2 of Legislative Decree No. 102/1983 (National Defense) with all that it requires for implementation by the Cabinet.

At the end, the Defense Council asked public administrations and military-security apparatuses, to follow up field conditions and submit to competent authorities, to take all required actions”.

Source: National News Agency